Create Data-Driven Apps without IT Skills

What is Appeta?

Why Wait for IT?

You are a person who knows what you want: You have some data that you need to manage.

But IT is too busy to build an application to help you, or they don't have time to update the current application. So, they tell you to download to a spreadsheet...

Not Enough Power...

Why Not Use a Spreadsheet?

Spreadsheets are not applications - they do not have the power of storing and connecting multiple data sets, adding rules for input and reporting nor do they make it easy for everyone to use at one time.

Applications (Apps) are what You Need...

Data from Any Source

You can create your own data sets in Appeta or map to virtually any other data on the Internet! Appeta makes it easy to bring any type of data together in your app.

Using the unique concept of Innys and Outtys, you can create an app within minutes!

Are You an Inny or an Outty??

Mobile Apps Linked to Web Apps

With Appeta, any app that you build can be accessed from anywhere: mobile devices or computers. With one click - it just works!

If You can Type, You can Create an App!

BONUS: Virtual Data Sets!

What if the data you need is only available behind the corporate firewall? No problem! You can create a virtual data set that will map to the data (like exporting to a spreadsheet) for use in your app, but never store it!

Compatible with IT Policies

Possible Uses:

  • Team Apps - Collect/Manage Information
  • Migrating Data between Platforms
  • Client Reporting
  • Start Your Own Business! Gather data from multiple sources into a set of apps or data sets that you can license to others!
...and Many More - Limited only by your Imagination!

How Do I Get Started?!?

The Appeta services will be launched Mid-2011 - no BETA about it! :)

In the meantime, you can tell us what app you would like to create - send an email to: My App Rocks! ( MyAppRocks [at] ).

We Look Forward to Seeing Your Apps!
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